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Leave your report cards and school books at home. From the chefs on the line with silver-studded ears and mohawk hairdo, to the inked-up, decked-out bar staff mixologists shaking and stirring some of the most creative cocktails, we’re all dropouts here. Culinary Dropout serves the very best in unique gastro-pub fare that quietly seeks out
“We’re not easily definable and even harder to forget.”
future musical venue superstars who wouldn’t mind being paid at the bar in whiskey and pretzel bites. We’re not easily definable and even harder to forget. And we did that on purpose so you could come and hang out. Spend time in our pub enjoying live music over brunch or happy hour. So seriously, come and hang out this weekend.

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Tune into Culinary Dropout – February Live Music Lineup
Date: Every Friday & Saturday Night + more
Time: Times Vary
Place: Culinary Dropout - all locations
A full live music line-up for all Culinary Dropout locations for your listening pleasure! Read more...
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Valentine’s Day with Fox Restaurant Concepts
Make your Valentine’s Day extra special this year and celebrate with Fox Restaurant Concepts as we spread the love the best way we know how—food. Whether you’re looking for a truly intimate setting or a lively atmosphere, we are sure to have just the thing to make your night memorable.
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Tune into Culinary Dropout – January Live Music Lineup
Here it is for your listening pleasure... A full live music lineup at every Culinary Dropout location.
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The secret to our success is listening to our guests...a lot.
- Sam Fox, Founder
Go ahead, yell at us. Or praise us. Or give us an idea, or a recipe you’d like to see, or tell us about an employee who did a great job. We love feedback and thrive on it; it’s the most important way we can learn and get better. And don’t think we won’t read it. We’ve received some of the most valuable ideas and feedback we’ve ever gotten from this little response form.